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Dvorana Park, Njegoševa bb
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Herceg Novi
Park Hall.


Herceg Fest

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Our mission is to promote the highest artistic, cultural and social values.


Organisation of exhibitions

Fine arts activities of Herceg Fest include exhibitions of sculpture, graphics and photographs, in addition to works of renowned Montenegrin artists. Park Hall foyer is used for visual presentations and children’s and youth exhibitions.


Summer & Winter

Most festivals that render Herceg Novi recognisable are organized or produced by our institution. A wide array of festivals, including classical arts, popular and urban culture, take place all year round.

Theatrical performances

Theatrical performances

PCI Herceg Fest is a host to numerous theatre artists and ensembles from Montenegro, the region and the world. Plays take place in the grand hall of Park Hall, and open-air stages at the fortresses and squares.

Music / Film programmes

Music & Film programmes

PCI Herceg Fest takes part in organisation of concerts and film screening at open-air venues, as well as in the Park Hall. In summer months, programmes mainly take place on stages of fortresses Forte Mare and Kanli kula.

About us

The roof of the cultural institutions in
Herceg Novi.

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About us
Herceg Fest.

About programmes

With the aim of promoting highest artistic, cultural and social values, since 1996, when we were established, we have been participating in cultural profiling of Herceg Novi. Organisation of programmes and festivals, affirmation of local artwork and at the same time hosting world renowned artists, all contributed that Herceg Fest become recognized as one of the most active cultural centres in the region.


Herceg fest is an organizer, co-organizer and a provider of logistic support to numerous festivals taking place in the town, and it is also directly involved in production of the Herceg Novi Film Festival, Mimosa Festival and international Days of Music. Herceg Novi festivals support high creative ranges, exploration and experimenting at local and international scene.


PCI Herceg Fest headquarters is in the Park Hall, one of the most striking buildings in Njegoseva Street in the town centre. Due to a wide variety of the Institution’s scope of activities, its founder, Herceg Novi Municipality delegated it the organisation of programmes and activities at open-air venues, at fortresses Kanli kula, Forte Mare and Spanjola, and Ivo Andric House.

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