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Dvorana Park, Njegoševa bb
tel/fax: +382 31 323 072

Full name: Herceg Novi April Theatre Festival

Established in: 1995

Programme: Theatrical performances and follow-up programmes

Taking place in: April

HAPS is a theatre festival started in 1996 as an event mainly gathering amateur theatre associations. Since 2002, the festival and its longtime organizer Herceg Novi Theatre have entered in a professionalisation process, so since then, the festival has become a gathering of professional theatre artists and ensembles.

In the past years a firm connection was established in cooproduction of this festival between the umbrella institution of culture in Herceg Novi, PCI Herceg Fest and NGO Herceg Novi Theatre, with the aim of creating higher quality of the festival’s production. Since its founding until today, the festival has been changing its concept and it has grown from a revue of amateur theatres of former Yugoslavia to an opportunity for an overview of selected professional productions. The festival programme includes top theatrical performances and a variety of follow-up programmes. HAPS has a revue character, a selection of plays with a thematic designation tends to mobilise the audience in perception of theatre achievements to compare artworks different in forms and approach to the topic.

Since its 25th edition, held in 2020 (HAPS in the times of corona) the festival has put a special emphasis on radio-drama. ‘’Milos Sami’’ plaque is awarded for a special contribution to affirmation of Herceg Novi April Theatre Festival. Since its establishment in 2001, it was awarded to: Jelisaveta Seka Sablic, Ljuba Tadić, Petar Kralj, Predrag Ejdus, City Theatre from Podgorica, Youth Theatre from Novi Sad, Varja Djukic, Mirko Vlahovic, Pero Kvrgic, Zijah Sokolovic, Dragana Daca Dabovic, Branimir Popovic, Vojin Cetkovic, Slobodan Milatovic, Vojislav Voja Brajovic, Sarajevo National Theatre…

Offering a range of follow-up contents and good atmosphere in addition to plays, HAPS has become a ‘’favourite’’ of the participants, audience and the media.